Ethnomusicology and Music Pedagogy: Opportunities for Dialogue and Convergence

Lampros Efthymiou

Apstrakt: The interdisciplinary approaches of studies among related scientific fields, especially after the mid 20th century, offer a field for fertile dialogue and firmly contribute to further development and evolution of the scientific thought. This article aims at the promotion of the scientific dialogue which is developing between ethnomusicology and music education. The historic progress of the science of Ethnomusicology is analyzed as well as the corresponding methodological practices used by the two main branches of musicology and anthropology which lead the research on during the 20th century. These practices are often adopted by music education scientists. At the same time, ethnomusicologists use methods of music teaching interest during their field studies, that are connected to the transmission of music knowledge (teaching - learning), in order to fully understand the specific music culture under examination. Furthermore, the “world music” is the focus of attention of these two sciences at the point they converge. As a result, this common interest is the reason for feedback, review and reflection of the fields mentioned above.

Ključne reči: interdisciplinarity, ethnomusicology and music education, world music, teaching - learning, fieldwork

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Етнолошко-антрополошке свеске, y. 2020, no. 20 (31), pp. 89-106