The socio-cultural values of Lusada market to inhabitants of Igbesa community in Ado Odo Ota, local government, Ogun state

Abisoye Amos Olutunde Ighodalo Ehizojie David

Apstrakt: Market, like many other concepts, could mean so many things but in the context of this study it is perceived as a public place for buying and selling (merchandise). It is usually strategically located to facilitate easy accessibility by people from all works of life to engage in various forms of business transaction. Participant observation was combined with key informant interview technique in generating data for this work. The study sought to know if Lusada market serves other purpose aside from being a place of exchange of goods and services. The findings were intriguing; ranging from the unique administrative structure of the market to the various rules, sanctions and penalties being melted out to defaulting members of the market community. Aside from economic transaction, the market also afford people of diverse interest and background to collectively relate to one another under an atmosphere of buying and selling with a view to satisfying personal interest, thereby promoting peaceful coexistence. The study recommended that the local government in which the market is situated and even Ogun state government should identify with the marketers by improving on the infrastructural facilities on the ground. The chord of togetherness among the various trade associations can also be strengthened through financial support in form of soft loans to various trade associations which may be registered as cooperative groups.

Ključne reči: market, community, sanctions, cooperative

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Етнолошко-антрополошке свеске, y. 2014, no. 12 (23), pp. 65-78