How UNLISTED Used Abandoned Public Spaces in Belgrade: An Anthropological Deliberation on Three BITEF Performances

Vesna Vučinić-Nešković

Apstrakt: In this text I wanted to explore, from an anthropological perspective, how abandoned courtyard spaces in the central part of Belgrade were used in the performative process of UNLISTED: Twice in a Lifetime. The relationship between the performance concept and space is examined through the different phases of three site-specific theatrical shows presented within the side program of the Belgrade International Theatre Festival (BITEF). Exploration covers the inception, production preparations, and realization of each show.

Ključne reči: Urban anthropology, site-specific performances, abandoned urban spaces, BITEF, Belgrade

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Етнолошко-антрополошке свеске, y. 2012, no. 20 (20), pp. 77-104