Slaviša Raković

Apstrakt: In this paper I discuss the issue and present the most known relatively recent cases of Islamophobia in the European transnational arena, and argue that Islamophobia is the most extreme incarnation of an Orientalist style of thinking, which functions as a border drawing activity with an aim to differentiate Us from Them. Acts that come out of the fear of Islam and negative labels of this religion and cultures Muslims live up to are seen as the products of the feeling of loss of an imagined transnational homogeneity in Europe, i.e. with a collective failure to cope with the rapid social and demographic changes imagined Europe is going through.

Ključne reči: Europe and Islam, Islamophobia, Us vs Them, border drawing, violence

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Antropologija, y. 2012, no. 12 (1), pp. 91-106